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humana dental teammate and if you don’t think that’s gonna be possible definitely make sure Humana dental that you part ways before they ever become your client in the first place okay so I hope this helped this has been another

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grateful I Appreciate it so much god bless you much love catch you next USA’s monthly health action webinar this month were focusing on oral

health issues as part of our monthly series of webinars that we’re producing for the Health Action Network we appreciate everyone joining us

today I’m Patrick Willard’s a senior director of state and national strategic partnerships in here at family’s USA and I’m happy to welcome you to this

conference on oral health for all addressing dental coverage for grown-ups in Congress and the States today we will be recording this conversation and

making the slides available for folks afterwards also they can be shared with with anyone that you would want to share the slides and the

information and recording with in order to participate in today’s webinar we’d ask that if you have questions when you think of those questions go

Ahead and type them into the chat box so we know what questions that you have what questions are out there and then we’ll respond to the question at the end of each of the major sections and we’ll be

Apply dental plan for retirees

Apply dental plan for retirees  To brush your teeth too much can cause dental problems. You can brush your teeth twice a day to avoid problems with your teeth. By brushing your teeth often, you can keep them clean and healthy.

Source: Use the techniques recommended by experts Apply dental plan for retirees when brushed. Dental organizations recommend techniques to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Brush your teeth by using the following steps to make your teeth as useful as possible: Brush all the teeth with small circular movements, take the whole tooth from the tip to the edge of the gum.

Keep your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees along the edge of the gum. The toothbrush must brush both the edge of your gum and your teeth. Brush the outside of your teeth. Always focus on a group of two or three teeth before going to the next group. Brush the inside of your teeth, hold your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees. Brush only two or three teeth at a time before going to a new group of teeth. Complete by brushing the inside of your teeth by holding your toothbrush vertically and moving up and down.