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The private practice Fun Timers doctors good bad or indifferent and they’re much more than just a network to those private practice doctors they really um they’re kind of supporting the business overall.

They have them of CRM to help them what navigating insurance Fun Timers album was the other business as a whole and so the SP really has the vast vast majority of the independent doctors that are out there but they’ve.

Fun Timers

Fun Timers

Kind of realized over the years that I meant doing a good job against them what especially going after group insurance.

With having these kind of big brands as a part of their network and so ASP has been attempting to expand upon that so they the biggest one that they have asked ASCOT which is a big one for them but more recently.

They got provision as well and that’s really interesting because privileged since the only one as a part of both I’m ed and ESP so let’s take a look at the two plans we have an IMAM plan in a VSP plan as I mentioned here’s.

I meant plan eye exams are available once per year glasses or contact lenses are double every two years you have a copay of twenty five dollars for the eye exam and you have a copay for the lenses of twenty five dollars you have an allowance for the frames so everything’s split out and so an eye exams typically you know right around .

Instead of paying that you pay Fun Timers the copay of bucks similar to an MA plan either the same thing with lenses lenses lenses vary a lot depending on whether you’re looking for whether you’re in need of any enhanced lens but you know let’s say a lens is bucks or round numbers sake instead of paying  you pay the  copay.