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Home so if you ameritas dental do pay off a mortgage or in your case a couple of mortgages you are not saying goodbye to your ameritas dental cash and liquidity forever it’s still net worth on your balance sheet and you still have the ability to tap that money whenever you .

ameritas dental

ameritas dental

Want to so this is a fun question there’s so many cool things that you can do with the saving rate that’s that high sow congratulations again on that huge savings rate and keep it up our next question comes from Christine hi Paula I just are listening to your podcast it .

Was recommended to me by Fran and I am a dick did I have been listening non-stop for the last week thank you for the content that you put out in a way that’s really human and totally understandable I very much appreciate it my question is.

I’m I just bought my first home it’s a condo at the price of K pay % down and I currently have no PMI or outstanding debt outside of my mortgage I have km retirement savings in a Roth and in a brokerage account managed by two gentlemen .

I have K in savings and K and emergency fund and liquid cash I’m self-employed and I make approximately K a my question is I feel like my ass might be a little bit all over and since I started saving very late in life I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do what advice would you give as far as putting me in the best financial position to become fi because .

I feel like at this point retirements a dream and being financially independent is not far behind that I’m sure there’s plenty of other listeners out there that might be in a similar situation thank you and I love your show Christine first of all congratulations on buying this condo with %